Our Business

Yumei Mise China is a retailer, wholesaler, trader and manufacturer of health and beauty supplements from amino to organic products.

We also supply different raw materials, PET bottles, stickers,  bottle printing, packaging etc.

Yumei Mise China is a wholesale company that researches products and technologies that are people and earth-friendly and distributes the products uncovered and developed in that process which we deem to be worthy of the Yumei Mise name through a nationwide network of stores.

It is crucial for us to increase the popularity of Honmono products in order to pass on a beautiful earth to the children of the future. By having more and more people use and experience products that are people and earth-friendly, we will further increase interest in health and the environment.

We uncover and develop people and earth-friendly products in cooperation with companies and research institutions based on all kinds of accumulated data.
YUMEIMISE 中国是一个零售商,批发商,交易员和健康和美容品制造商,由氨基有机产品。

我们还提供不同的原材料, PET瓶,标贴,瓶印刷,包装等。